Earth Matters

Ash from wildfire is deposited on indoor and outdoor surfaces and contains cancer-causing chemicals.

Wildfire Ash

Ash from forest fires is relatively nontoxic and is similar to ash that might be found in your fireplace; however, all ash contains small amounts of cancer-causing chemicals.

Fire ash may also irritate the skin, especially to those with sensitive skin. If ash is inhaled, it can be irritating to the nose and throat and may cause coughing. Exposure to ash in the air can also trigger asthmatic attacks.

Unpaved roads produce a lot of dust, for instance. This dust is easily blown away by wind, wears down the road and can even cause incremental amounts of damage to the vehicles that kick it up as they drive.

Environmental regulations, health and safety concerns

Environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and non-hazardous. No special handling precautions.

On an unpaved road, the soil particles are bonded which prevents dust particles from leaving the surface.