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Digital solutions for pre-school, elementary, secondary, high school, higher education, vocational education and enterprise training.

E-learning authoring tools kit

Design courses like a pro

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Enhance your PowerPoint presentations with training videos, interactive content, and voice-over. Design awe-inspiring courses from scratch using over 89,000 ready-made eLearning assets: templates, characters, locations, objects, and icons.

Create Interactive Courses and Assessments

A digital classroom display tool that support teaching and learning

Classroom Management

Save your time for teaching

Use our efficient assessment platform to get immediate visibility of your student's learning progress.

Real-time responses, answer analytics, grading, exports

Teaching Material

Build engageing lessons

Leverage more than 50,000 curriculum-aligned questions for free, share with other teachers, or create your own tech-enabled questions to complement your lesson plans.

Questions libraries, tech-enabled questions, beautiful math notations, images & YouTube

Digital Classroom Activities

Excite your students

Engage all students with collaborative challenges and make fun an integral part of the learning experiences

Collaborative, Challenges, Puzzles